Oy Vey and Kaboom – The Wild West

I’m loving Rabbi Einhorn’s 14-part lecture series on the history of Orthodox Jews in Los Angeles.

What is his point of view? He says early on in lecture one: “In Los Angeles, it was a collaboration of multiple people, different people coming together at the right place and time. It didn’t start the way most communities do where there’s an influx suddenly from a certain community where the Jewish community shifts from here to there… Pockets of individuals coming together and making a difference.”

“The first settlers that come to live in the land that is known as the City of Angels were farmers of mixed blood. They established a basic tolerance for all people. Since LA becomes this collection of random individuals… It was a big mishmash. That meant that you were by nature going to be ethnically more tolerant of other people. That would benefit the early Jews that came here and the other immigrants who came to California.”

Ashkenazi Jews, with their superior intellects (average IQ around 112 compared to 100 for goyim and 90 for American hispanics and 85 for American blacks) excel at telling stories. They’re usually better at this than the goyim. So when freedom comes for Jews in the 19th Century, they out-compete the goyim in the shaping of popular narratives (often telling the stories to praise the plucky underdog Jews (Chinese, blacks, gays, trannies, etc) and ridiculing the uptight racist backward in-bred knuckle-dragging Jesus-loving goyim. (Jews were Germany’s leading satirists in the 1920s. That didn’t work out so well for the Jewish people as a whole. Funny how the goyim eventually get the joke, get that they are the butt of the joke, and then they react violently.)

A couple of minutes after the rabbi extols LA’s early tolerance, he says: “The center of LA, and excuse my language, was Nigger Alley. It housed a murder a day.”

I’m shocked that a place called “Nigger Alley” would house a murder a day. This type of behavior is typically unknown in black communities.

“In 1871, 18 Chinese people were killed [there]… Los Angeles was such a mess, so lawless in the 1850s, that the Pueblo Indians called Los Angeles ‘Hell Town’.”

“For some reason, a bunch of Jews pick Hell Town to move to.”

Because they saw an opportunity. This is the same reason secular left-wing Jews dominated the earnings from prostitution, pornography and gangster rap. Sure it’s hell, but it’s a nice little earner.

Rabbis: “Jews felt immediately, when they hit the ground, a responsibility to get involved in politics.”

“One of the first leaders of the Jewish community was Joseph Newmark. He brought with him a Chinese servant, who was paid $100 a month. His servant is believed to be the first Chinese person in Los Angeles.”

Ashkenazi Jews may have done more than any group to open up America to non-white immigration and to rule out any objection to this as beyond-the-pale racism deserving of expulsion from polite society. Every major Jewish organization pushes for amnesty for the 20 or so million illegal immigrants in America (mostly low-IQ mestizos who stay for generations on society’s bottom rung socially and economically because of their low IQs and lack of enterprise).

The Orthodox Union and Agudas Yisrael support amnesty for illegals in America. I wonder how Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn — the Dean and Rav of Yeshivat Yavneh in Los Angeles — would like it if strangers to his community legislated that Yavneh must benefit from diversity by importing Sudanese Muslim children and Mestizo Mexican kids into their school and community and homes with the understand that these children and their families have no interest in becoming Jewish, and in fact hate Jews, Jewish law and Jewish norms and plan to urinate on Yavneh’s Torah scrolls but must still be financially support by Yavneh members because these immigrants don’t want to work, they’d rather rape? How would Young Israel of Century City enjoy it if the goyim legislated that most of its members must be black Muslims and they must pay for the installation of a mosque on the second floor of their shul and must never check any of these Muslims for diseases or guns or criminal intent? Yet that is the same sort of thing that every major Jewish organization is trying to do to America, to screw the country over in the name of diversity and loving the stranger.

Rabbi Einhorn: “The 1880s are marked by oranges and a railroad boom. Eighty percent of the Jews of the time are white-collar professionals. That leads to a huge increase in the population. This was a golden age for Jews in Los Angeles. The non-Jews? Many of them, maybe most of them, could not read and they were not educated… It meant that if you had all this gold, where did you put it? You trusted only one group of people with your money… You left it with the Jews. That’s how the Jews started banking in Los Angeles…”

“That leads to an infusion of Eastern European Jews in the 1880s. They had a difficult time acclimating. Western Jews, German Jews, Enlightened Jews, they mixed in so well in Los Angeles. That’s why historians forget about East European Jews. They were considered like peasants.”

“When does anti-Semitism come to Los Angeles? It started as a melting pot… Anti-Semitism comes to Los Angeles in the 1890s. A nationwide depression takes hold in 1893… It’s going to bring struggling pioneers… coming from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri. These people are by and large are low-class, of poor temperament, and have spent little time with people other than themselves and they will bring intolerance to LA and it will linger in Los Angeles.”

I would have thought that Nigger Alley with all its murders would have represented intolerance but I guess the real bad guys are the goyim (no need to add the qualifier “dumb”) from Kansas who are too stupid to see the benefits of Jewish bankers dominating a multi-cultural Los Angeles where everybody is equal (except those who are more equal).

Why can’t the goyim simply accept that it has been marked out by the will of Heaven that the Jews are humanity’s master race and it is the role of the goyim to carry our bags and to watch our TV shows and to deposit with us their earnings?

The best and worst people I know are Jewish.

My own self-perception is that I hold my views without emotion. I don’t feel a tug in any direction, neither to praise Jews nor to damn them.

I wonder if I write this sort of stuff from a different part of my brain than the bit that prays to HaShem out of a siddur (Jewish prayer book) and celebrates Jewish holidays?

Alex: “My experience of Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews is that they don’t share this passion for diversity. Specifically the Persian Jews I met in LA didn’t seem all that enthused. Though they did get along with whites, Armenians, and gentile Persians, they didn’t even pretend to like blacks and latinos.”

“Also, as far as German Jews being different, both Paul Gottfried and Mickey Kaus are first/second generation originally from Vienna. You might be on to something there.”

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