Breakaway Minyan From Pacific Jewish Center

I hear the old guard (the Rabbi Daniel Lapin crowd) broke away from the Pacific Jewish Center (which owns about five million dollars worth of real estate, debt-free) and started their own minyan in their own space with their own rabbi on Rosh Hashanah, reducing PJC’s numbers by about a third. PJC was one of the first shuls I attended in LA. It’s located on the Venice boardwalk and I have many wonderful memories of the place. Its rabbi Eliyahu Fink is among the three most active Orthodox rabbis on FB. He graduated from Loyola Law School a few years ago but has yet to pass the California bar.

Rabbi Fink blogs regularly about controversial issues such as why people leave Orthodox Judaism. In one post, he writes: “My theory is that belief in God and Torah m’Sinai is not the primary factor in one’s choice to join, abandon, or remain in Orthodox Judaism. The primary factor is how one feels about Orthodox Judaism.”

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