Dennis Prager To David Zucker: ‘…You Can Not Say Anything Bad About Me’

Movie director David Zucker was on Dennis Prager’s third hour of his nationally syndicated radio show today.

David: "Hollywood did not do this movie. We had to go to Vivendi for distribution [1600 theaters this weekend]."

Dennis: "I love comedy of the absurd."

David: "Because you tend to be absurd."

Dennis: "That may be. I do tend to be absurd, but happily not on the air."

David: "I’ve had experience of that."

Dennis: "You claim that I have had an effect on you so you cannot say anything bad about me."

Dennis Prager says this in a jocular way but he’s not kidding. He truly believes that anyone whose life he’s touched should never be publicly critical of him. Prager has influenced thousands of people. He arouses strong feelings. Many have been turned on to Judaism, for instance, through Prager, and then they’ve become more observant of Jewish ritual than Dennis is, and they have no problem with lambasting him for his (in their view) insufficient religiosity.

The reason that my writing on Dennis hurt him so deeply was that I was indepted to him and Prager thought my public criticisms of him were the height of ingratitude. From my perspective, the requirement of truth comes before gratitude when it comes to my blogging on a public figure.

Then there’s Prager’s bumper: "You want to hear me make liberals cry? Stick around for more on Townhall radio."

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