Ahmed To The Rescue!

I am tired of negative news stories about people named “Ahmed”. Let’s talk about all the good people named “Ahmed” are doing in the world.

What about this gal? “Sara Ahmed (born 1969) is an Australian and British academic working at the intersection of feminist theory, queer theory, critical race theory and postcolonialism.”

Have Ahmeds done more good or bad in the world? I blame the news media for creating this negative image I have of anyone named Ahmed. A friend of mine called a car dealership asking to speak to someone in charge and when they connected him to “Ahmed” the mechanic, he exploded.

Who exactly allowed the talented and charming Kareem Ahmed into America?


KPCC reports:

Prosecutors in the Orange County District Attorney’s office call it one of the largest cases they’ve taken on: 20,000 exhibits, 15 defendants and more than $100 million in alleged overbilling in an alleged workers’ compensation fraud scheme centered around compound creams.

An Inland Empire businessman, Kareem Ahmed, is accused of masterminding the alleged scam. Prosecutors say he paid a dozen doctors, chiropractors and pharmacists a total of $25 million in kickbacks in exchange for writing, filling and billing for large numbers of compound cream prescriptions.

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