Yeshiva University Salaries

I went to and found this 990 form filed for 2012, which listed salaries as follows:

Norman Lamm: $483,752
Richard Joel: $1,242,424
Morton Lowengrub: $467,711
Herbert Dobrinsky: $343,189
Daniel Forman: $922,452
Allen Spiegel: $1,084,782
Hillel Davis: $273,688
Andrew J. Lauer: $541,858
J. Michael Gower: $511,219
Sidney Brown: $354,428
Josh Joseph: $330,277
Paul Shupack: $627,831
Victor Shuster: $738,422
Irwin Merkatz: $625,810
Israel Goldman: $605,347
Karl Kunz: $257,909

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