Simon Wiesenthal Center Salaries

I went to and found this 990 form filed for 2012, which listed salaries as follows:

* Susan Burden (CFO): ~$590,000
* Rabbi Marvin Hier (CEO): ~$790,000
* Rabbi Abraham Cooper (Associate Dean): ~$515,000
* Liebe Geft (Director): ~$387,000
* Marlene Hier (Membership): ~$420,000
* Rabbi Meyer May (executive director): ~$520,000
* Richard Trank (producer): ~$324,000
* Janice Prager (development of donors): ~$314,000
* Shimon Samuels (international affairs): ~$270,000
* Mark Weitzman: ~$150,000

For giggles, I looked up my father’s Christian organization, Good News Unlimited, on Nobody’s salary is listed because nobody earns over $100,000 a year. My father always took a minimal salary. His ministry was never about enriching himself.

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