How Much Should We Fear Iran?

On the one hand, I think, what do we Jews get out of hyping the Iranian nuclear threat? Iran has not invaded a country or started a war in more than 200 years and has a much smaller military budget and capability than Israel. So what do the Jews get out of making this most important news story? I don’t understand.

On the other hand, the premise of my question is that it is irrational for Israel to fear a nuclear armed Iran. In fact, Iran’s supreme leaders have explicitly called for Israel’s physical obliteration, and have mused that nukes are a handy way to effect it. Not irrational fear at all.

I think we have something to worry about. I know, I know, Jews worry about all kinds of crazy stuff. But this is not crazy.

I don’t take Iran with the same seriousness as I would Nazi Germany or some other high IQ nation. Iran is filled with low-IQ incompetent Muslims not fearsome Huns and Nips.

If Iran wanted to do damage, they’d have a bigger defense budget and a more competent nuclear team.

Iran is building a missile capability that may be impressive. And she may be building a deep nuclear capability as well.

If Iran nukes Israel, the survivors flee to LA by the million or so and drive out the Mexicans.

As an American, I don’t fear Iran. As a Jew, I have concern but I believe that Israel can kick Iran’s butt whenever it needs to, without American help.

Another view: “They are worried about the escalation that will take place on the Sunni side if Persia gets the bomb. But yeah, it seems like there are much better ways to negotiate this. For instance, Neocons wanted to side with the “moderate” (pffft) Sunni rebels to oust Assad, when the Alawites aren’t even Muslim. Total stupidity. Slowly the world has realized this is a very bad idea thanks to the ISIS spectacle, and the all-too-slow realization that there are no moderate Sunni Arab rebels.”

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