Is America The Greatest Enemy Of The Spiritual?

Rabbi Mayer Schiller in a 1999 interview: “Today you have Europe and North America as the center of this techno-secularist crusade which seeks to impose itself on all other races and peoples across the globe. Not only did it strip the cosmos of God, it also chose to war against every kind of traditional identity and memory. The effect of Western Civilization in the world today tragically in that having abandoned its own identity and traditions, they now want the rest of mankind to also abandon their identities in their embrace of techno-global emptiness.”

If you strip out the terms “Europe” and “North America” and “Western Civilization” and substitute “Jews”, and you would have a common anti-Jewish argument articulated by such thinkers as Kevin MacDonald.

Rabbi: “Is James Joyce conceivable without the great tradition of Catholic Europe and Ireland? One is not born in a void. James Joyce is particularly a product of an Ireland that is a particular people rooted in its past and its history and its faith.”

“I think America, whether in its own abortion mills or in straddling the globe trying to impose its particular befuddled version of secular capitalism on mankind, America today is the primary enemy of the spiritual.”

“Peoples aware of themselves as peoples, and aware of themselves as peoples before God [are the primary carriers of the spiritual]. In America, many minorities are people with a greater sense of the spirit and of identity than the white authority structure which is essentially secular and capitalist.”

“The vast majority of mankind reject the West’s notion of happiness and reality.”

“An Arab or an African who is in touch with his ancestors and his history, cares about them, wants to see their traditions perpetuated, and has a sense of the sacred, is in touch with the spiritual substratum of reality while the Coca Cola technocrat who is invading Africa and the Arab world is the West today.”

“The State of Israel poses a problem for Jews living in the diaspora. A Jew living in America, France or England but yet somehow says I am an Israeli or a Zionist, that creates a tremendous amount of tension. Herzl envisioned Zionism as Jews leaving Gentile nations and going to live in Israel, not staying in France and England and saying I am a Zionist. Jews living in America, England, France, etc, have three moral possibilities: They can be loyal citizens, they can be Zionists which means to leave [for Israel] or they can adopt the Neterui Karta position of non-involvement in the affairs of the nations.”

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