Driving Out The Homeless Is A Form Of ‘Ethnic Cleansing’

Report: “This is Fort Lauderdale, in Broward County, Florida, between Miami and Palm Beach, and Gil’s ticket – he gives his first name only – could be Exhibit A in what civil rights activists say is a creeping and insidious campaign by this and many other American cities to drive the homeless out of their midst by a combination of police harassment and increasingly draconian new ordinances that make being homeless a criminal offence.”

Of course driving out the homeless is a form of ethnic cleansing. Stop and frisk in New York is a form of ethnic cleansing. It is designed to drive out blacks and to intimidate those who stay. When Republicans want to cut welfare, it means they want to stop encouraging blacks to live long and prosper and to have lots of kids. Most Republicans don’t particularly like black people. Most non-black Democrats don’t like black people. Most black people don’t like whites, asians and latinos. Most latinos don’t care for blacks.

The natural thing is to prefer people who are similar to you and to fear those who are different. The more diversity around you, the less trust.

Throughout history, most Christians have disliked Jews and most Jews have disliked Christians and most Muslims have disliked Jews and Christians and most Jews and Christians have disliked Muslims. Conflict and hatred is the norm between different peoples and religions. Most people think other religions are disturbing.

Great societies collapse when the greatness they build is swamped by different genetic stock. That’s what is happening in the First World today.

I want people to have to have licenses before they are allowed to propagate. This is a form of ethnic cleansing, of stopping the reproduction of people who are a burden on a first-world society.

Ethnic cleansing is a fact of life. There has been ethnic cleansing since the beginning of time and there will be ethnic cleansing until the end of time.

Homogenous white and oriental and Jewish societies tend to be law-abiding while other groups are often violent.

Arabs in Israel and outside of Israel will never make peace with a Jewish state of Israel until the facts on the ground change so radically that we cannot even conceive of them or the Arabs are ruled by brutal dictators who keep them in line.

The United States will never be a peaceful low-crime society until it has a different genetic make-up (dominantly law-abiding citizens with average IQs over 100 with clear future inclinations and developed empathy and the capability of abstract thought aka conscience) or it will be a draconian stop-and-frisk police state where the more criminally inclined are constantly harassed and intimidated and hemmed in by the good guys.

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