Donald Sterling Reminds Me Of Jews I Know II

Part one.

Sterling is like a combination of all of the Jewish characters on the TV show Ray Donovan.

I’m reading this Los Angeles Times profile of Sterling and he reminds me of some Jews I know:

* Very talkative and open about the natural passions such as sex that most non-Jews keep quiet about publicly.

* Not afraid to tell you about what he does for his people and how others don’t do for their people.

* “Sterling’s business savvy, intermittent charm and charitable contributions had insulated him from the consequences of his eccentric behavior.”

* “Sterling had worked hard to create his own reality, spending millions on newspaper ads promoting his real estate empire, his charity work and himself — even as his Clippers were perennial losers and he was accused in lawsuits of discriminating against minority tenants whose rent payments helped make him rich.” King Solomon was also a huge philanthropist and self-promoter. It’s a Jewish thing.

* Jews are rarely afraid to tell you about how great they are. WASPs, by contrast, are more reticent while Catholics fall in between. “In his penthouse office in Beverly Hills, Sterling often showed visitors a Louis XIV desk, paintings by Rembrandt and Renoir and centuries-old Chinese antiques. He eagerly dropped celebrity names, bragging that he bought properties from Elizabeth Taylor and John Wayne, and once boasted of plans to buy an NFL franchise.”

* Jews tend to be more physically demonstrative than non-Jews and to need less body space. They often don’t worry about such goyisha concerns as manners. “Some associates cringed at Sterling’s habit of invading their space.”

* Jews have a different relationship to blacks. “Sterling’s recent troubles began in April when his remarks about blacks became public.” On the one hand, they’ll be more likely to vote similarly to blacks and on the other hand, they’ll likely demonstrate more fear about the presence of blacks when walking down the street and they’ll move away more quickly if blacks take up residence in their community.

* Jews tend to be more open with their emotions than non-Jews and secular Jews in particular frequently demonstrate little shame about things that would appall the goyim. “Sterling never hid his infatuation with Stiviano, the personal assistant and caretaker he described as his lover. He stared at her. When they didn’t sit together, he waved. To some in the Clippers organization, the relationship created deep concern.”

* Jews are more verbally violent than non-Jews but less physically violent. “On a conference call in early June, Sterling threatened to “take out” his wife’s lawyer, Pierce O’Donnell. Hours later, Sterling left profane, threatening messages for the doctors who deemed him unfit.”

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