The Ways and Means Of Rabbi Abner Weiss

He’s a smart guy. He has two PhDs. He’s a good speaker. He’s affectionate. He can talk to the world. He was runner-up to be the Chief Rabbi of the British Commonwealth.

Abner Weiss is not only a pulpit rabbi, he’s also in therapeutic practice. That’s where he’s particularly dangerous.

Like most predators, he knows how to zero in on the vulnerable. Then he starts to groom them, particularly potential converts to Judaism. He’ll tell them to turn their backs on their goyisha family and friends. He’ll isolate them. He’ll slowly increase his demonstrations of affection. He’ll make his victim feel powerful by saying, "Look, I’m risking everything for you! My marriage, my career, my reputation. I put it all on the line for you."

He’ll even pay housecalls. But not because he wants to talk. He has something more visceral on his mind.

His victim thinks, "Oh my, I can’t believe this great rabbi is falling for me. Maybe he’ll leave his wife?"

Joe: I heard that rabbi weiss never had anyone piss on him
Joe: it was a rumor/lie made up about him
YourMoralLeader: I’m afraid that is not true, i got it firsthand
Joe: Rabbi Weiss never kicked you out and was nice to you
YourMoralLeader: the woman
YourMoralLeader: she told rabbi weil
YourMoralLeader: then under pressure, recanted
Joe: maybe this woman who told you first hand is a little off and wants to get back at him
YourMoralLeader: but what she said was true
YourMoralLeader: she just didn’t have the guts to follow through
Joe: you still don’t have proof it’s true
YourMoralLeader: i have proof he visited her regularly at her place alone
Joe: I even asked Rabbi Weil about it, he said it’s not 100% certain, just her word against him
Joe: that he prob did
Joe: the pissing I can’t believe
YourMoralLeader: it is hard to believe
YourMoralLeader: r. weiss groomed her over years
YourMoralLeader: separated her from her family and friends
YourMoralLeader: really did a number on her, told her he might leave his wife for her
YourMoralLeader: she told rabbi weil around pesach
Joe: I knew what Rabbi Weiss was up to
Joe: there weren’t that many
Joe: he never prmoised to marry anyone like that
YourMoralLeader: he had a string of affairs
YourMoralLeader: going back to the late ’80s
Joe: some of these woman wanted more so they threatened him
Joe: and made things up
Joe: overall he was very innocent
YourMoralLeader: wasn’t he counseling his current wife before they hooked up?
Joe: he wasn’t counseling her
Joe: they were good friends
Joe: they did get involved
Joe: never counsoled her
YourMoralLeader: he’s a therapist now, licensed, and he’s having sexual relations with at least one of his patients, a v. vulnerable woman

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