Aussie Rap Star Iggy Azalea

Barry emails:

Have you heard about Australia’s latest pop sensation – a blonde female rapper called Iggy Azalea.

Apparently she was born and raised in a tiny NSW town called Mullumbimby and at the age tender of 15 she decided to take herself off to the hip hop scene in Florida where she was – ahem – taken under the wing of the black rap guys there.

Apparently the first her parents knew of it was when she phoned them from Florida. It has all turned out well though.

The black dudes saw gold in this pretty blonde teenager and so it has come to pass.

What has Iggy Azalea got that you don’t Luke?

More on white degeneration news. Here is the latest white pop/ rap sensation from South Africa. Die Antwoord. The female is Afrikaaner. The male is white English and was privately educated.

The only other South African pop star I’ve ever heard of is Manfred Mann.

Also someone you might want to look up is a Brisbane youtuber called Paul Pluta or Archieluxury who produces videos about luxury watches while he and family fall out of the middle class and into bankruptcy. He is utterly deranged and very entertaining.

He is very good on the employment situation – or lack of it – in Australia.

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