Jewish Art Critics Vs Norman Rockwell

Few if any great artists (painter, sculptor etc) were Jewish but most of the dominant art critics have been Jewish as Jews tend to have superior verbal skills but not as many skills of dexterity.

Steve Sailer wrote in 2010:

Norman Rockwell died 32 years ago. And Mr. Gopnik’s views have been representative of elite discourse for longer than that, burying Rockwell’s reputation under a barrage of anger. But, Gopnik, even though he’s on the winning side, is still furious that his victory isn’t total.

If you want a picture of Mr. Gopnik’s ideal future, imagine a boot stamping on Norman Rockwell’s face — forever…

[Gopnik:]”America isn’t about Rockwell’s one-note image of it — or anyone else’s. This country is about a game-changing guarantee that equal room will be made for Latino socialists, disgruntled lesbian spinsters, foul-mouthed Jewish comics and even, dare I say it, for metrosexual half-Canadian art critics with a fondness for offal, spinets and kilts.”

To be frank, if a WASP critic displayed this much overt ethno-cultural animus toward a Jewish painter, he would be unemployable at the Washington Post.

Dennis Prager is a big fan of Norman Rockwell but Prager isn’t an art critic.

Sailer writes in 2014: “The role of simple junior high school-style ethnic animosity in the decades of trashing Rockwell should not be overlooked.”

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