The American Race Dilemma In World Perspective

In this 1996 talk, psychology professor Philippe Rushton says that the average black officer in the U.S. armed forces has a higher IQ and more cranial capacity than the average white recruit.

Black men have larger brains than white women, even correcting for body size, but lower average IQs. White women have much smaller brains than white men but similar IQs (perhaps as low as five points lower). Women do much worse than men in dynamic spatial ability. Most of the human brain goes to keeping the body balanced and so men who historically were hunting, would have greater need for an ability to orient yourself in space.

When you have a computer and you want more capacity to write, you need to add more RAM memory, but if you want to work with graphics, you need dramatically more RAM.

Hitler banned IQ tests in 1937 as Jewish.

Stalin banned them in 1930 as bourgeois.

“What is the reception of these ideas in Asia? There’s not much interest in Japan and China and among Asians in America about race differences. They are embarrassed by it. They don’t want to be held up to any attention. They certainly don’t want to be held up as superior to white people because they are deathly afraid that the immigration lobby will slam down the gates, not on the grounds that they are crime-prone, but that asians work so hard that they are unfairly competitive to the white person. Even today there is increasing resentment on our campuses by white students against asian students. For example, someone white wanting to get into medical school, walks into a lab needing to get an A grade and sees it is 90% asian, he says oh no, because it will be harder for him to get that A grade than if the class was made up of latinos and blacks.”

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