Why Is There An ADL And A SPLC?

Why is there an Anti-Defamation League and a Southern Poverty Law Center? Aren’t they duplicating tasks?

They’re a tag team. If you violate left-wing norms and say anything critical about Jews (who are as deserving of criticism as any group), the ADL will call you an anti-Semite. If you say anything critical of blacks or latinos or asians, the SPLC will call you a racist.

The ADL sounds like they’re the real Jewish deal. The SPLC is just as Jewish but they have a goyisha gloss. And the Museum of Tolerance and the Simon Wiesenthal Center wrap themselves up in the Holocaust and in trying to prevent another Holocaust, so they too are untouchable. The media treat all three groups as credible voices for civil rights. If you oppose the ADL, you’re treated as an antisemite. If you oppose the SPLC, you’re treated as a racist. If you oppose the Museum of Tolerance, you’re a bigot.

From a Torah perspective, all of these organizations are nonsense. If something is real, you can find it in Torah. If you can’t find it in Torah, it doesn’t have moral significance. There is no term in the Torah literature for racism. There is no mitzvah in the Torah literature to fight antisemitism. There is no mitzvah in Torah to build museums about genocide. These are all preoccupations anathema to Torah and the Torah-observant Jew is the least likely Jew to give these organizations any heed or any money.

When you are empty or are willing to do anything for money and status, you make up things to give your life meaning. Building museums about the Holocaust is an empty endeavor. Fighting racism (the term was developed by leftists in the 1930s to slur what throughout history was only the common sense of preferring your own kind) is an empty endeavor. Fighting antisemitism is an empty endeavor. There is no encouragement in Torah for any of these pursuits. Did any of our greatest rabbis such as Moshe Feinstein or Ovadiah Yosef spend their time in these ways? No. These causes are vain. They fill up empty people — the Jews in these movements have given us no body of Torah scholarship — with a sense of righteousness that they use to persecute people who point out basic truths such as that different peoples, on average, have different gifts and that together black, white, yellow and Jew make up the complete image of God.

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