Orit Arfa Says She’s Cleaning Up Her Act

I identify with Orit because she’s always bopping from the risque to the respectable.

She emails her list: I have received a unique opportunity to relocate to the Tel Aviv area to work for a PR firm that represents causes that are dear to my heart.

Sadly, this means I will no longer be a “settler” (well, depends on whom you ask), but I will remain one spiritually. It has been a wonderful year of growth and inspiration living in the beautiful hills, and I will always reach for their heights.

Second, you may be glad to know I’m no longer running around half-naked promoting the land of Israel and God through Miley Cyrus parodies. I’ve cleaned up my act and have produced a Disney-worthy music video. Check it out below.

It ends with a powerful, moving message very relevant today. Most importantly, you can share it with the kids!

Orit has a new book out — Spinoza & Ayn Rand: Soulmates:

The famous Dutch philosopher and Jewish iconoclast, Spinoza, outlined a view of God that called forth a philosophy of reason and egoism, thereby revolutionizing organized religion and paving way for the Enlightenment. About 400 years later, in the twentieth century, philosopher/novelist Ayn Rand, a devout atheist of Jewish descent, also called forth a philosophy of reason and egoism through novels about men and women who act according to their rational self-interest, most famously The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged.

While Spinoza’s God-centric view of the universe outlined in his magnum opus, Ethics, may seem at odds with Rand’s atheistic base, their view of man, ethics, and the way we come to knowledge are actually so similar as to render these two thinkers…soulmates.

This e-book demonstrates the deep similarities in their thought, allowing their respective works to serve as literary companions for anyone seeking to understand their philosophies and a philosophy of humankind that allows us to realize our highest potential.

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