A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History

Steve Sailer writes:

I joke around about the existence of a Steveosphere, but you’ll notice that much of the current attention being paid to Nicholas Wade’s new book A Troublesome Inheritance seems to follow its contours.

JayMan in JayMan’s Blog

Ed West in The Spectator

Charles Murray in the Wall Street Journal

Jared Taylor in American Renaissance

Steven Pinker on Twitter

John Derbyshire in VDARE

Steve Hsu in Information Processing

Rod Dreher in The American Conservative

HBD Chick in HBD Chick

Alfred W. Clark in Occam’s Razor

Of course, Wade is a fringe figure who has merely written over 1000 science articles for the New York Times, so it’s hardly surprising that his book is only getting attention from certain people.

And one from outside the Steveosphere:

Alex Golub on Savage Minds

And one from somebody whom I admire but doubt that I’ve had much influence upon:

Anthony Daniels in The New Criterion

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