Jews, Gypsies And The Overseas Chinese

Kevin MacDonald writes:

Gypsies are the opposite of Jews: a low-investment, low-IQ reproductive style characterized by higher fertility, earlier onset of sexual behavior and reproduction, more unstable pair bonds, higher rate of single parenting, shorter interval of birth spacing, higher infant mortality rate, and higher rate of survival of low birth weight infants…

Both the Jews and the Overseas Chinese are highly intelligent and entrepreneurial, but the Overseas Chinese have not formed a hostile cultural elite in Southeast Asian countries, where they have chiefly settled, and have not been concentrated in media ownership or in the construction of culture. We do not read of Chinese cultural movements disseminated in the major universities and media outlets that subject the traditional culture of Southeast Asians and anti-Chinese sentiment to radical critique, or of Chinese organizations campaigning for the removal of native cultural and religious symbols from public places. Slezkine paints Jews as deeply involved in the construction of culture and in the politics of the host societies, but the role of the Chinese was quite different. The following passage describing the political attitudes of the Overseas Chinese in Thailand could never have applied to Jews in Western societies since the Enlightenment:

“But few seem to know or indeed to care about the restrictions on citizenship, nationality rights, and political activities in general, nor
are these restrictions given much publicity in the Chinese press. This merely points up the fact, recognized by all observers, that the overseas
Chinese are primarily concerned with making a living, or amassing a fortune, and thus take only a passive interest in the formal political life
of the country in which they live.”

Chaim Amalek writes: “He’s not 100% right. He reminds me of Marxists who think their boy has cracked the code of history and figured it all out. Life is more complicated than that. Can’t blame yidden for the weakness of goyim in throwing open their borders and inviting in Somalis. It was WASPS who did that. And it was Ted (Not a Jew) Kennedy who threw open our national borders 50 years ago. It was Ronald (Not a Jew) Reagan who granted amnesty to millions of illegals 30 years ago. And the british elites who imported all those Jamaicans and Pakis — Church of England every last one of them. It wasn’t Yidden who said “Hey UK, what we really need here are millions of Paki immigrants to spicen things up.” As an aside, I suspect that once you are in the land of the Southern Cross, your heritage will further assert itself. As it so obviously already has begun to.”

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