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I wish that every month, America’s leading Jewish organization heads, such as the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, would have to meet separately with Steve Sailer and Nathan Cofnas and answer all of their questions and listen to their criticism.

Our leaders support for immigration amnesty.

Stephen Steinlight writes: “While politically-correct hyper-tolerant Jews — and this is TRUE of 99.9% of ALL members of the Presidents Conference– are almost invariably more interested in appearing politically correct than protecting anything so atavistic and tribal as the Jewish people or — Heaven’s forfend — the morally compromised State of Israel, even a broken clock gets the time right twice a day. This vote rejecting the PA’s cynical anti-Zionist partner, J-Street, a TREASONOUS organization to use the right word, shows there is a modicum of self-respect left. Who knows, if this low flame can be fanned into a fire perhaps American Jews will stop feeling ashamed that this group of self-appointed leaders of aging oligarchies with dwindling memberships claims to represent them.”

These theatrics by the Reform Movement are embarrassing even by the appallingly mendacious standards of the Presidents Conference. Are you really worried about the “Jewish mainstream?” You are ALL utterly outside of it because the VAST MAJORITY of American Jews are unaffiliated with your denominations and have no interest in your organizations. The Conference is well to the left of most American Jews, and the political differences between most — exceptions for the ZOA and AIPAC — don’t amount to a hill of beans. No one reads you pronouncements, and it is only by smoke and mirrors that you have sadly convinced members of Congress that you represent anyone. You all do a gigantic disservice to American Jewry, and nothing would be better than your folding your ridiculous tent — rather than making it bigger — and put the risible circus out of business. No one will even notice. I’m sure there are other ways to indulge your narcissistic self-delusions of grandeur.”

“The VAST MAJORITY OF AMERICAN JEWS ARE UNAFFILATED WITH ANY OF THE RELIGIOUS DENOMINATIONS OR SECULAR JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS…hence this body has gall in the first instance in claiming it speaks for America’s Jews. It has zero mandate. Almost all of them routinely lie about their memberships — even the biggest ones — and for the religious denominations the numbers are puffed up by young children. It also contains tiny organizations — some have staffs that couldn’t make a minion — and why this strange notion that all get the same vote? But then NONE OF THEM is a democracy in the sense that policy positions on everything from Israel to immigration are made by miniscule sub-groups, usually boards or executive committees comprised of the richest donors, what one might call accurately “limousine liberals.” Quite frankly, this unrepresentative undemocratic group should disband itself. It’s also interesting that the head of the Reform Movement, always to be counted upon to be among those on the left fringe, wants to take his bat and ball and go home since he lost a vote. Given the fact that this group of self-appointed “leaders,” most with very few and almost entirely aged followers, really speaks for no one — time to go out of business. When I worked in this universe, a staff joke was that any member of a “young leadership group” was a person not on life-support. That gets it about right.”

“Unsurprisingly, this hypocritical and Machiavellian ploy is the product of yet another publicity stunt by the “rabbi to the stars” Rabbi Marc Schneier of the Hamptons, a narcissistic buffoon who craves public attention regardless of the harm it does in the real world. His efforts, whether with “black leaders” or any other group, is characterized by glitz and vacuity. I’d much prefer he continued his affairs with the married women in his congregation than waded into real world issues that count. Does he really wish to be the public relations director for this Jew-hater?”

Who are these UNELECTED limousine liberal Jewish leaders, uniformly members of the Democratic Party and many idolaters of Obama, to be involved in policy making or exerting pressure on the democratically elected government of Israel? For starters, it is absurd arrogance for them to pretend they “represent” Jews who are Americans. The Jewish-Establishment is a Potemkin village, a set of aging rapidly dwindling organizations with memberships that account for an infinitesimal fraction of American Jews. NONE of these organizations even makes its policy decisions in a remotely democratic fashion. They are plutocratic oligarchies where the richest donors have most power, and a coterie of far-left staff know-nothings push the fat cats further to the left. This whole exercise is a disgusting farce. This is America. This isn’t a ghetto in Nazi-Occupied Europe: We don’t need or want a Council of Jewish Elders, a bunch of kapos and surrender-monkeys to act as if they have some sort of mandate. Stop prostituting yourselves — and don’t think you can pimp for us — when you wag your tails when Kerry whistles.”

Dick Morris completely mischaracterizes the Mexican community. It is NOT conservative. They register Democrat 4-1. Why? Because as an overwhelmingly poor, uneducated and low-skill population they want the Nanny State. They support every entitlement program the Republicans want to cut, support affirmative action, etc. Their families are falling apart; indeed, their out-of-wedlock birthrate is coming close to that of African Americans. If another 11 million are legalized and get on a “path to citizenship” the Republican Party will be out of business. Also remember a point no one talks about: once legalized, the illegal aliens can avail themselves of the most powerful engine in the immigration system: extended family reunification. Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation estimates the 11 million will ultimately mean 66-100 million LEGAL immigrants from Mexico in 20 years. If that happens, the Democrats will become the permanent majority Party, the PRI of Mexico. Dick ought to wake up and face facts.”

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