Donald Sterling’s Private Comments To His Mistress

Steve Sailer writes:

Sterling’s aged male ego was crushed by comments from other men, such as the Second Dennis, about how, when he’s not around, his girlfriend is sure seen a lot by herself in the company of famous studs like Matt Kemp. And, you know, Don, people will talk.
So, Sterling tells her to delete from her public Instagram various pictures of herself and some celebrity swordsmen in which he doesn’t appear.
At some point, maybe, she points out that all the guys Sterling is objecting to are black.

I have some thoughts on the news about Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team.

Here are the most incendiary of his comments to his girlfriend according to TMZ:

— “It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people. Do you have to?” (3:30)

— “You can sleep with [black people]. You can bring them in, you can do whatever you want. The little I ask you is not to promote it on that … and not to bring them to my games.” (5:15)

— “I’m just saying, in your lousy f******* Instagrams, you don’t have to have yourself with, walking with black people.” (7:45)

— “…Don’t put him [Magic] on an Instagram for the world to have to see so they have to call me. And don’t bring him to my games.” (9:13)

* This should not be a news story. If people were honorable, they would not create news about a private conversation. Very few of us have not said things in private that are every bit as ugly as these comments sound.

If you listen to the recording, you hear that they come out of a painful romantic situation, that Sterling is being set up, and that he has nothing against blacks, he wishes everybody well, he just doesn’t want his girlfriend posting photographs of herself posing with blacks and he doesn’t want blacks at his games and he probably doesn’t want blacks living in his apartment buildings.

On July 14, 2010, I blogged:

On his radio show Monday, Dennis Prager says: “Mel Gibson is a troubled man. I have more pity to him than hate. I don’t think he is a danger to the country.

“I think there’s a larger issue than what a man thinks about minorities in his private conversations.

“Privacy. The notion that a man ranting at his girlfriend is now played for the world is very disturbing. The vast majority of human beings in the midst of terrible anger, particular in a relationship, say terrible things. It’s none of my business.

“Americans on the left are keen on the right to privacy when it comes to extinguishing the life of an unborn human but when it comes to the right of privacy of what you say privately in a phone call to your lover, then the left is thrilled to violate the most primal notions of privacy.”

“It’s a terrible thing that these private phone calls were recorded and then placed on the internet.”

* I’m not upset by Donald Sterling’s remarks. I would not be upset if he said the identical things about any other group including Jews, Muslims, Latinos, WASPs, Seventh-Day Adventists, etc. It is normal, perhaps even healthy, to prefer those who are genetically similar to you. If Sterling said we should lynch blacks or Jews or any group, that we should act with criminal malice against any group, then I would be upset with him and would want him punished.

* Whether it rests easy or not with our consciences, blacks (and to a lesser extent, latinos) overwhelmingly live on the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum and so blacks (and to a lesser extent, latinos) will generally be viewed as low on the socio-economic scale until these facts of life change.

* Whether it rests easy or not with our consciences, blacks (and to a lesser extent, latinos) overwhelmingly have higher rates of social dysfunction (including out of wedlock births, crime rates, STD rates, low educational and economic and social achievement) than do whites and asians and hence whites and asians, despite their protests to the contrary, will usually choose to live in areas with few blacks and latinos and will prefer to socialize with few if any blacks and latinos.

* Just because most whites, latinos and asians don’t get caught making these kind of statements in recordings does not mean that they don’t live their lives according to everything Donald Sterling said in this nine minute recording.

* The reality is many, perhaps most, whites, asians and latinos are not going to be thrilled when their girlfriend (who’s trying to pass as white or latin) posts pictures of herself with black guys. Many, perhaps most, whites, asians and latinos feel outgunned by black men and their greatest nightmare for their girl is that she will get raped by black men (who rape white women at a rape more than 1000x time the rate that white men rape black women, which almost never happens).

Yaki emails: “Sterling is Jewish, and contributes to many Jewish causes, including Orthodox institutions like Yeshivah Gedolah. His real name is Tokowitz; Sterling is a name that he made up for himself.”

A successful Jew/schvartze hybrid would totally dominate the planet. It would bring about the final enslavement of the White Race.

Yiidden and shvartzes. A History. Someone should write that book. Yidden love colored folk who can dance, sing, punch, or throw a ball. I think it is because they complete us as we seldom can do any of those things.

Political scientist Robert Weissberg explained “The Relationship Between Blacks and Jews” in a year 2000 talk at the American Renaissance conference:

If you looked around our cultural landscape and tried to find two groups with different values that venerate different things, who worship at different altars, it is hard to find two groups more different than blacks and Jews. Jews are obsessed with education, blacks destroy it. If you’ve gone to school in the inner city, you know that not only do they hate the idea of learning, but they assault their teachers and physically destroy their schools.
When blacks move into a neighborhood, the first people out are Jews. Jews did not invent white flight but we perfected it. As far as intermarriage and social exchange, there’s almost zero. They just don’t mix. Jews are not into crime. The sorts of things that blacks specialize in — muggings, assaults, rapes — are not a Jewish predilection.

How Jews really relate to blacks is something Jews hardly talked about except when they are amongst themselves. When Jews get together in a safe place and talk about blacks, they will use the term “schvartze.” When you go to Leo Rosten’s Joys of Yiddish, he’s very careful in what he says. With “schvartze”, he becomes tight-lipped. “A black person, a negro.” That does not begin to depict what the term means among Jews. There may be a degree of affection, as in, ‘I hear Mrs. Schwartz got a new schvartze.’

It is not necessarily a negative word. It’s not the same thing as nigger. If you inserted the word ‘nigger’ to achieve some lexiconic variety, Jews would be genuinely offended. There can even be a degree of affection in schvartze. As in, ‘Ahh, I heard Mrs. Schwartz got a new schvartze. Oh, how nice.'”

When you use the term ‘schvartze’, it always implies cognitive inferiority. The mental picture of a stupid black embedded in the term schvartze is true even with pro-civil rights [liberal] Jews… Adding the phrase ‘dumb schvartze’ is superflous, reserved only used for the most egregious stupidity. Invisible baggage likewise includes gullibility, emotional excitability, and a weakness for here-and-now conspicuous consumption. Violence, especially inter-personal, alcohol-induced mayhem, is also associated with schvartze. The image that comes to the mind with Jews when you say ‘schvartze’ is simple-minded, impulsive, easily seduced by trinkets. This is extremely close to the traditional Southern image of blacks, almost identical to what many Southerners would privately say about blacks… This is continually reinforced by daily experience, such as in integrated public schools.

We had a procession of cleaning ladies [in New York]. Growing up, I honestly believed that all black people come from a thing called The Agency. We’d hire black cleaning ladies and invariably they’d steal and drink the liquor and my mother would come back and say, ‘I’m calling up The Agency and getting another.’ Very few Jews of my generation had any other contact. We had a procession of handymen and cleaning people come to my house.

It was always believed that any Jew can ultimately out-smart any schvartze except save being confronted by a demented gunman. Despite immense cultural chasms, Jews held themselves as innately capable of finessing blacks thanks to their superior wits, verbal talent, and a mastery of black psychology. The unmatched success of Jewish ghetto merchants and Jewish civil rights leadership positions proclaim this truth. Even today Jews may secretly brag about their success in beguiling blacks in contentious interpersonal relationships. People sometimes ask me, ‘What did you do when they showed up as a demonstration to your office?’ This happened to me one time. A bunch of angry young blacks came to my office… I said, ‘I just relied on the wisdom of my ancestors. I gave them a little rope-a-dope. I moved around. I said this, I said that. Within half an hour, they were fine. I sold one a suit and several new jewelry and they were happy. They got a deal from Mr. Weissberg.’

Where personal manipulation might fail, the storehouse of survival tactics sufficed exceedingly well. Black pathologies were bearable, especially since most black mayhem was self-inflicted. Jews might even profit from these disorders as merchants or nanny state therapists. Threatened Jews can flee deteriorating neighborhoods, enroll their children in private schools, hire security guards, co-opt black leaders financially, or otherwise escape.

Jews see no conflict between righteously defending black criminals as political prisoners and living in fortress-style buildings.

On the one hand, Jews dread blacks physically. When Jews see blacks walking down the street, they feel tremendous fear. Yet they dutifully pay the danegeld (extortion money).

For most Jews, it is the white goyim who pose the most threat. Contrary fact-based argument fall on deaf ears. Like the schvartzes, the Chinese [and Japanese] are never called goyim.

Blacks are incapable of such well-organized horror [as the Holocaust] unless directed by nefarious whites… A full-scale pogrom is beyond their capacity. Can you imagine blacks systemically rounding up thousands of Jews or even keeping tabs on Jewish neighborhoods? Assess enemies by capabilities, not intentions… The schvartze pose minimal risk. They’re too stupid.

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