An Anti-Semitic Slur or a Mere Misunderstanding?

Rebecca Honig Friedman blogs:

Blogger Yisrael Medad of My Right Word got himself into a (threatened) legal tiff with the Wonkette blog, over a post in which Medad questions whether a Wonkette post about one Rudy “Jew-liani” and the “Jew York Times” wasn’t the least bit anti-Semitic.
Wonkette’s editor said Medad just didn’t take the time to get the joke, and would like him to apologize or face a libel lawsuit. Medad said he would do no such thing and that Wonkette should apologize.
In the end, it’s all ok — there will be no legal action and Wonkette’s editor says he is “tired of explaining humor/irony to people looking to be outraged by everything, so I will say good-bye.”

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