How Can You Mistreat People In Your Country Illegally?

I don’t really care if Israel or America or any country mistreats those who are in the country illegally. That’s how you should deal with infiltrators. Maybe we should announce, “Every illegal alien still in the country in 60 days gets capital punishment.” Execute a few and the rest may self-deport. Notice how the more successful Israel becomes, the more people around the world try to pull the scam that they are Jewish? Now Israel has 120,000 Ethiopian “Jews” with average IQs of 63.

If somebody is in your country illegally, he is not a citizen and has no rights under your law. The Geneva Conventions don’t apply because he’s not a soldier in uniform. He has no rights. The more gently you treat him, the more you encourage foreigners to infiltrate your country. Sometimes you have to be harsh to criminals to protect your own citizens, which should be the first order of government.

How long until we have an American Crimea situation? “Southwest once belonged to Mexico, as the Crimea belonged to Russia before it was given to Ukraine. The immigrant Mexican population apparently can’t even stomach the sight of American flags in public schools without resorting to violence—and the federal government sides with the invaders. A few decades from now (if not sooner), what do you think the results of a referendum in Southern California would be?”

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