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After all the talk about political censorship at last night’s Emmy Awards, we just got word that the censorship has spread in the most ridiculous and hypocritical fashion, as AOL has censored and banned Joan Rivers!

Joan and daughter Melissa last night delivered their by-now-traditional politically-incorrect and often very funny red carpet commentary for the new website AOL who featured the team’s Oscars reviews earlier this year, had a deal to hype and link to the video clips.

But when the AOL suits got a listen to Joan and Melissa’s observations, they said they were offended and refused to link to! Watch the clip above. Was it their criticism of Oprah Winfrey? Or Joan’s sighting of a "Third Reich Hair" trend?

Either way, it’s to laugh. AOL is offended? AOL is an owner of the corporate porn-pushing gossip site,, that cesspool of celebutard sleaze that oozes out piles of lowbrow, poorly-written smut like these headlines from today:

Poke ‘Em– She Hardly Knew ‘Em
Smothers to Emmys: It’s About F’n Time!
Cook’s Crappy Defense: Belushi’s Ghost Owns Me

AOL banned Joan and Melissa Rivers over a free speech issue?

The Rivers’ commentary sounds to us like traditional Jewish American humour in the spirit of Mel Brooks’ The Producers, Springtime for Hitler, Jackie Mason’s "Nazi bastards"– even Seinfeld’s "Soup Nazi"– Wait a minute! We’re explaining this? Joan Rivers is one of America’s most cherished comedians. Did anyone notice that they showed George Carlin’s picture twice in the Emmys Dead Celebrities section?

Funny that is a very friendly femme-based destination for celeb and entertainment news, casual games, fashion and community. Sounds like AOL is jealous of the competition.

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