‘Dumbocracy: Adventures with the Loony Left, the Rabid Right, and Other American Idiots’

I hate this new book by Marty Beckerman.

He refers to George W. Bush as "King Retard" and Bill Clinton as "President Blowjob."

Here’s a sentence from page 45: "The GOP is obsessed with depriving gay Americans of any and all freedoms."

From page 46: "[Pat] Robertson is hardly the only traditionalist who wishes to bind, gag, tease and spank gay people."

In what world is this kind of hyperbole amusing?

From page 77: "Drunk from Jack Daniel’s and depressed from this horrible crypto-Nazi bulls—, I force myself to read the 2004 Republican Party Platform."

It’s not as a Republican that I object to this writing. It is as a reader. Cliches are boring.

In 2005, Marty "covered CPAC, the largest annual gathering of right-wing activists, politicians and college students, for Playboy magazine."

He wrote:

"F— Rick Santorum — I’m getting laid tonight!" Steve yells, seemingly keeping this promise in the early morning after he climbs into a taxi with three brunettes from the George Washington University College Democrats. He can’t remember the name of his hotel, so the three coeds — who describe themselves as "huge sluts" who "would totally get an abortion" — directing the cabbie to their dorm instead.

Former U.S. Senator Mike Gravel writes that Beckerman’s book "delivers the message that young people need to hear."

Oy ve!

Here is Marty on Republicans’ adoration of Ronald Reagan: "Republicans get themselves so insanely hard for this guy; it’s like witnessing a vicious act of necrophilia. Why flog the dead horse when you can f— it instead?" (Pg. 95)

Marty fantasizes about "carving through [Ann Coulter’s] uterus with a chainsaw." (pg. 101)

It takes 15 minutes — thanks to Technorati alerts — from the time I first publish this blog post till I get a response email from Marty.

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