White Resentment Drives The Republican Party

I believe it was John Derbyshire who said that tens of millions of Americans don’t like black people much and that these people overwhelmingly vote Republican.

The big social trend in an increasingly diverse America is to find people with whom you have something in common and then exclude everyone else. Orthodox Jews, the group I know best, are well equipped to live this.

The Republican party and all its leaders are officially colorblind, but when you scratch below the surface, you find a lot of whites who resent blacks but they won’t say this publicly because of the repercussions.

James Kirkpatrick wrote in 2012:

Conservative sites such as the Daily Caller, Breitbart.com, The Blaze, and the Drudge Report, have defined themselves almost solely by channeling implicit white racial resentment, for example in response to the Trayvon Martin case.

And this search for traffic is dangerous—it creates increasing cognitive dissonance among a conservative base that is beginning to realize that the hoodie wearing denizens of Sanford, FL don’t want or need a tax cut.

A simple glance at the comments sections—even at National Review—shows the natives are getting restless. The conservative base’s attachment to folk, faith, nation, and tradition is at odds with Conservatism Inc.’s telling them the solution is to vote for the guy who has an elevator for his cars.

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