Mourning The Temple

Though you wouldn’t realize it from my writing, I think about girls a lot. As a single man, I’ve met enough to keep me interested but not enough to satisfy. What I’ve lacked in quality, I’ve made up for in quantity, which as Amalek notes, has a quality all of its own.

When I could pull myself from the latest pictures of The Calendar Girls, the Jewish Journal‘s best innovation since Amy Klein took up the singles column, I sought out spiritual recommendations from Danielle and Dikla. They recommended a Tisha B’Av program at the Museum of Tolerance (MOT).

I enjoy making fun of rich, successful, accomplished, productive Jews as much as the next guy, but everything the MOT does is quality (with help tonight from JConnect and Birthright Israel).

About 200 young Jews showed up to Monday night’s program. With all the hotties around, I felt like a kid in a candy store, only the Holocaust pictures and the mournful tone of the evening kept me from bringing with my A-game. Instead I buried myself in my prayers, my lamentations and my copy of David Gelenter‘s new book Americanism.

Kevin Costner narrarated the disturbing documentary Ever Again — about the rise of Jew hatred in Europe.

Mirim emails me about the MOT:

"Chayim Nachman Bialik Poet, translator, essayist, storyteller, editor, one of the greatest Hebrew poets of all time. Bialik is considered Israel’s national poet…

"In the poem: ‘City of Killings’ concerning the Kishinev pogrom 1903 – Wikipedia he describes its horrors and also takes time to ‘clean house’ with the Jewish community readiness always, to sell out."

Deja Vu?

To the cemetery, beggars! (where) you will dig up your fathers
and the bones of your Martyred brethren’s, filling up your backpacks,
putting them on shoulder and start your way, going
to turn them into commodities in all the markets
and when no one sees, you will pull out – a hand, publicly
displaying it, in the daylight, on your crappy rags
and in thirsty voices, you will chant a jingle about them,
calling for Ch’ssed from the nations, praying for the Goyim’s compassion
And as you ask for hand out, you’ll turn into beggars and as you Sh’norr
you’ll be Sh’norrers.

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