The Creeping Takeover Of Israel

A common critique of Jews is that they believe in homogeneity and nationalism for themselves (traditional Jews oppose inter-marriage and the massive immigration of non-Jews to Israel, etc) but multi-racialism and multi-culturalism and open borders for everyone else, including the United States.

So today while I was thinking about that critique, I got an email from Young Israel of Century City. The headline was, “The Creeping Takeover Of Israel.”

The body of the email said:

Please join us…to hear from our long time friend Ari Briggs, International Director of Regavim and learn about his important work in Israel.


Ever so quietly, without the roar of battle and clamor of war, the Jewish People are being robbed of the Land of Israel.

On this battlefield cement mixers have replaced tanks, plows replace cannons and innocent-looking civilians replace uniformed soldiers.

Only the goal remains the same – Disinheriting the Jews of their land – acre by acre, with guile, with violence, with huge sums of money provided by organizations from overseas and by anti-Zionist organizations in Israel.

This is happening in the very heart of Israel and in the heart of the consensus areas, in the Galilee, in the Negev, in Jerusalem and in the coastal plain.

Time is slipping away and with it the land reserves that belong to us and future generations.

Ari works for Regavim, an organization whose raison d’etre is to ensure responsible, legal & accountable use of Israel’s national lands and the return of the rule of law to all areas and aspects of the land and its preservation.

Attached is an article Ari recently wrote for the Jerusalem Post about the Begin Plan to resettle the Beduin in the Negev.

Ari Briggs wrote in The Jerusalem Report May 4, 2013:

Last Thursday TV personality Avri Gilad went on a trip to the northern Negev with Regavim – an independent, professional research institute and policy planning think tank involved in protecting Israel’s national lands. So disturbed was he by what he saw on that trip that upon his return he immediately penned the following post on Facebook: “I came back from a tour of the Negev conducted by Regavim. I’m appalled by what I’ve seen. There’s no more Negev.

The Beduin have taken it over completely by force….

By shameless criminal activity, with insolence met only by fear and submission, the Beduin have taken over the entire Negev.”

He noted that though he had visited Beersheva and Arad, he had never entered Beduin towns like Laqia, Hura or the others he saw on this trip. Gilad also wrote that the government of Israel has virtually agreed to give Beduin clans in the Negev over 60 percent of the state land they have illegally settled on. On top of this, former MK Benny Begin sweetened the deal recently, offering them more land and additional monetary compensation. Avri Gilad, in his post, called on the government “to stop the Begin plan immediately,” and said, “We have to re-conquer the Negev.”

He concluded by saying “we must have one law for everyone – both for a Jew who encloses his balcony [without authorization] and for a Beduin who uses a fence he stole from Omer to enclose five dunams [0.5 hectares] of land as his.”

Gilad’s post went viral, and when interviewed later on Army Radio, he stated over 450,000 people had seen it.

However, it didn’t take long for the many defenders of the Beduin’s supposed right to take whatever land they want to jump into action. These foreign-funded, radical left-wing NGOs have done a great job training the various Beduin tribes to always refuse the Israeli government’s every offer of compromise and hold out for 100 percent of their claims.

They came out swinging with an opinion piece published in a daily newspaper calling Avri Gilad a racist.

Ari Briggs wrote Sept. 9, 2012 in The Jerusalem Report:

When Israel realized that it could no longer ignore the massive spread of illegal Beduin settlement in the Negev, it developed generous programs to regularize the situation. In 2007, it established the Goldberg Commission, headed by retired Supreme Court Justice Eliezer Goldberg. Following the publication of its recommendations, the chairman of the Policy Planning Division of the Prime Minister’s Office, Ehud Prawer, was appointed to lead a committee to convert those recommendations into a viable government program. In 2011 the committee’s report was published, and approved by the government.

The Prawer plan calls for a massive initial investment of NIS 1.2 billion and the legalizing of many of the illegal Beduin settlements established in the Negev. For those 20,000-30,000 Beduin whose settlements cannot be legalized, it offers generous gifts of land of up to five dunams per family, thus rewarding the Beduin’s illegal behavior with private land in the land registry.

Ari Briggs wrote Dec. 9, 2013 in The Jerusalem Report:

As long as there is no determined law enforcement and a small number of Beduin can take what they want, no plan will work.

Recently a “day of rage” in Israel was initiated to protest the Begin Plan, the government’s proposal to accommodate Beduin settlement in the Negev.

To understand why the position of the government and the position of some Beduin seem so irreconcilable, all we have to do is stand in the shoes of these Beduin.

To do that effectively, some background information is needed: There are approximately 220,000 Beduin in the Negev, making up 2.8 percent of Israel’s citizens. About 140,000 of the Beduin live in the seven towns and cities that were expanded and funded by massive government grants in the 1970s and 1980s including Rahat, Laqia, Segev Shalom, Arara, Kissufim and others. Although only 7,600 Beduin are registered as living in the newly-approved 11 Abu Basma towns, which include towns like Al Sayyid and Bir Hadaj, our research indicates that approximately 40,000 Beduin live there.

This leaves approximately 40,000 Beduin living in illegal villages, hamlets and outposts, on state-owned land. These Beduin (20% of the Beduin population) occupy approximately 600,000 dunams (150,000 acres) in an area between Beersheva, Arad and Dimona in the Northern Negev.

For the sake of comparison: There are 205,000 residents in the city of Beersheva living on only 34,600 dunams (8,650 acres) of land. Instead of taking these law-breakers to court and then enforcing the resulting court orders to remove them from these illegally occupied locations, the government has proposed the Begin Plan to finally arrange Beduin settlement in the Negev specifically geared to finding a more than equitable solution for these 40,000 people.

I am sure many Americans feel the same revulsion towards the massive immigration to the United States by illegal aliens from primarily Mexico over the past 50 years.

In this video published in 2013, an Englishman asks Jared Taylor: “You mentioned dual standards… You have a situation where America like our country [Britain] is dominated by a particular ethnic group… You say the Jews have their homeland and they have announced it is a homeland for Jews. Yet the same people in America through their various organizations like AIPAC and all the rest of it have announced that they want America to ease its immigration controls and to proclaim an amnesty for illegal immigrants. That’s millions and millions of people. In our country, the Board of Deputies of British Jews in the early 1950s promulgated the first draft of what was to become the notorious Race Relations Act in the Group Libel bill, and this is now part of our law, part of the Public Order act, whereby if you criticize particular ethnic groups, particularly the Jews themselves, you face on conviction for a first offense, going to prison for six months. These people are an ethnic group, they play the ethnic minority card, and their behavior in Palestine and Israel and their behavior outside Palestine, in Britain and America, is racism for us, but multi-racialism for you. Now it wouldn’t matter if an ethnic group in America like the Eskimos or the Red Indians or the Navajo or even the Mexicans had that sort of hypocritical view because they haven’t got the clout, the power, the money power and the media power and therefore the political power of Jewry, but they have got that power and therefore what they do and what they think and how they’re brainwashing our people is very important. I don’t think you can get to grips of how our people are stampeding to the cliff like lemmings, you can’t get to the nub of this matter until you address Jewish duplicity on the question of race.”

Jared Taylor: “There is no question that the aggregate impact of Jews has been overwhelmingly unfavorable on all of the questions that I touched on. There’s no question that Jews have been extremely vocal about promoting diversity in the United States while maintaining homogeneity in Israel. As far as American Renaissance, we have been focused exclusively on race. One can’t afford to be a crank on more than one subject at a time. There are a plenty of places where one can learn about the Jewish question.

“At the same time, there are a number of Jews who are entirely on our side on these questions. American Renaissance conferences have always had a number of Jews. One of our speakers said, you can’t realistically expect Jews who are concerned about preserving Western civilization in America to make common cause with people who want to kill them.”

“My position has been one of setting aside this question and starting with an easier question — our displacement by other people. At the same time, I am not convinced that saying that this is a problem inflicted upon us by Jews changes any of our arguments.”

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