Is Stanley Fischer good for the Jews, or does his appointment needlessly make the goyim suspect us?

Economist Stanley Fischer holds dual citizenship in Israel and the United States. Between 2005-2013, he was the governor of the Bank of Israel.

Barack Obama has nominated him to be vice-hair of the Federal Reserve of the United States. Is it a good idea to appoint a dual-citizen to such a high position in American government? Is it good for the Jews that someone who ran the Bank of Israel and took decisions not necessarily good for the United States to take this lofty position? Will it make the goyim more suspicious of us? Will it raise anew the charges of dual loyalty against those American Jews who are deeply involved in Israel?

Steve Sailer, a non-Jewish paleo-Conservative thinker, writes: “To get some sense of how revolutionary is President Obama’s nomination of Stanley Fischer, the head central banker for the Israeli government from 2005 to 2013, to the number two role at America’s central bank, I’ve been trying to look up American government officials who were previously high government officials for other governments. I haven’t yet been able to find a Wikipedia category for such a thing.”

“The single most fundamental question of political life is: Whose side are you on? There is a lot of talent available to the United States government, so why it should be necessary to appoint to high position a man who carefully chose to make that question unanswerable?”

Sailer adds: “Although Fischer’s many well-heeled supporters portray his jobs in Israel and now America as utterly technical, they are inherently political.”

“Third, the nomination of Fischer is to establish that it’s A-OK for a dual-citizen high Israel-government official to move over to a similar job in the U.S. government. Sure, a few years from now it may still seem a little unusual for, say, the head of Israeli military intelligence to move on to running the National Security Administration in Fort Meade, but don’t you remember the Fischer Precedent?”

What was Stanley Fischer’s role in the rape of Russia during the 1990s privatization that went to a few oligarchs who made billions?

It’s a maxim of Jewish law that you should not appoint a stranger (a goy) or a woman to a position of power. It would be unthinkable for Jews to appoint a non-Jew to a powerful position over them. The American goyim apparently have no such compunction.

As Sailer notes, white guilt means being too ethnocentric while Jewish guilt means being insufficiently ethnocentric.

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