Call of the Shofar Materials

Here are some warning signs about Large Group Awareness Training such as Call of the Shofar:

Often people who have been on these courses are told not to say what goes on there because this will spoil the experience for others who might want to do them in the future. Rubbish! This is a means of not revealing what happens on these courses. If it was known, I would suggest that many people would choose not to do them.
Another thing I have seen is that people who have been on such courses are also very vague about them when questioned. This is a Red Flag. Beware! Some people I have spoken to have had problems remembering what happened on these courses.

Here are the materials used in the Call of the Shofar workshops.Returning Home Participant Workbook Staff Workbook Music

Here is the schedule:

Shofar Schedule (1)Shofar Schedule (2) Shofar Schedule (3)

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