Highlights From ‘Boys Will Be Boys’

From SI:

Jeff Pearlman‘s Boys Will Be Boys is in bookstores now. Here are some tidbits Pearlman shared with Dan …

1. Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman wouldn’t talk to him. But Pearlman explained the best sources were the guys who had never told their stories.

2. Pearlman told a story about Michael Irvin slashing Everett McIver with scissors. The Cowboys paid McIver to keep it quiet because Irvin was on probation at the time of the incident and his career would have been over if he was arrested.

3. Pearlman has gotten a positive reaction from Dallas fans. Dallas is a Bible-oriented town, but fans have a blind spot for the Cowboys’ craziness.

4. Pearlman said Irvin is the most interesting character he’s ever written about. At night, he was crazy and a bad influence on a lot of guys. He was also the hardest worker on the team during practice.

5. Everyone has a Charles Haley story. His in-meeting nudity story is the one getting the most attention in the press right now.

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