Rabbi Levi Tenanbaum Goes Up On JCW

From JewishCommunityWatch.org: I was just a young innocent little boy of 11-years-old. I was content with the all the little things that all the kids my age cared about; toy cars, nosh, etc. – I was just an average kid.
Sometime during my 4th grade year, my mother noticed that I was having trouble with my learning and understanding of the material I was learning. She called a teacher in my school, Rabbi Levi Tenenbaum, and asked if he could tutor me on certain days after school. He graciously accepted the offer and I began going to his house after school was over to develop my learning skills.
It was the third time that I went over to Levi Tenenbaum’s house for private tutoring when my life changed forever.
The house was empty and we were learning when Rabbi Tenenbaum whispered to me “Can you keep a secret?” I remember thinking how lucky I was that he was going to share a secret with me so I told him yes. He took my hand and walked me into his bedroom. He then put on video with naked men and women and sat me down to watch. I had never viewed pornography before and was innocently ignorant to what I was seeing.
While we were watching, Rabbi Tenenbaum started to take off his clothes and instructed me to do the same. I immediately knew what was happening was wrong and I wanted to run out of the room; but, I felt trapped and couldn’t move. He kept telling me that it was normal and everyone does it.

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