Business Writer Mark Lacter Is Dead

I’ve been reading Mark Lacter for years at because he was always there on this favorite site of mine. Today I found out he was dead of a stroke at age 59.

What strikes me about Lacter’s work is his gratuitous slurs against Republicans. He was constantly calling us names. I’m too lazy to dig up numerous examples. Two will have to do. Here’s a sentence from his post on the deficit: “The knowledge gap, while hardly a new phenomenon, has been exacerbated by right-wing knuckleheads who deliberately turn the conversation into an anti-Obama rant.”

Here Lacter writes: “Brimelow is a thug – he blames non-white immigrants for social and economic problems and urges the Republican Party to focus on winning the white vote.” So these political positions render you a thug?

Imagine the uproar if one simply substituted “black” for “right-wing” in these diatribes? Imagine what would happen if Lacter consistently called blacks “knuckle-draggers”? Yet to slur Republicans as neanderthals was a way of life for Mark Lacter.

Now a bigot is dead.

“Even when he was systematically dismantling a shibboleth, Mark had a way of steering clear of rancor or cheap shots,” Los Angeles magazine executive editor Matt Segal wrote.

For the MSM, when it comes to criticizing Republicans, there’s no such thing as rancor or cheap shots.

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