Broken-Hearted Over A Child He Never Met?

Fox sideline reporter Pam Oliver says today before the game that Adrian Peterson was “brokenhearted” over the death of his child three weeks ago. Brokenhearted over a kid he never met? Please. He was heartbroken for being outed for fathering as many as seven kids out of wedlock.

Jason Whitlock writes for ESPN: Just a few weeks ago, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson attended the funeral of his 2-year-old child and then played a football game days later. There was very little public objection to Peterson’s decision. Some people were reluctant to voice an authentic opinion. Still, others sympathized with Peterson’s plight. He had never met the child. He’d only learned that the boy was his two months before the mother’s live-in boyfriend allegedly beat or shook the toddler, causing severe brain injuries leading to his death. We subsequently learned that Peterson, who is unmarried, may have as many as seven children by five women, one of his exes recently told TMZ.

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