Mogen David Synagogue

Did the shul fire the new young rabbi (Todd Davidowitz) already?

Well, no. I hear “he is a young lawyer who has better employment options — was never going to be their long term option. I think they were ready to start looking for a more seasoned guy who will be the catalyst to revitalize the depleted Ashkenazi minyan that got relocated from the main shul to the social hall.”

Jeff says: So Mogen David is back to the drawing board …. Again.

I wonder what talented rabbi is going to put his career on the line for them with their track record

I wonder how many congregants will put up with this constant mess.

I’d rather pray at YICC at this point.

According to the shul website: Rabbi Avrohom “Todd” Davidovits is the spiritual leader of the new and rejuvenated Ashkenazi minyan. He is a native Angelino who attended many local area schools including Hillel, Yula and Valley Torah high school where he was captain of the Varsity basketball team. After high school, Rabbi Davidovits studied at Neveh Zion and Shor Yoshuv Institute, where he obtained Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Talmudic Law. Rabbi Davidovits was ordained by Rabbi Efraim Greenblatt, celebrated author and halachic authority, and esteemed student of Rabbi Moshe Feinstien Z’L.
Rabbi Davidovits is a dynamic educator with experience connecting to students of all ages. He spent eight productive years in St. Louis, Missouri as a scholar and educator with the St. Louis Community Kollel. During his time in St. Louis, Rabbi Davidovits also taught at Block Yeshiva High School and Torah Preparatory School. Rabbi Davidovits then joined Yeshiva Shor Yoshuv serving as Director of Shor Yoshuv’s Community Learning Center.More recently he taught and studied Torah at the exclusive Lawrence-Far Rockaway Community Kollel, under the tutelage of Rabbi Label Rand. Rabbi Davidovits is currently pursuing his J.D. at UCLA School of Law, where he is a submissions editor for the UCLA Entertainment Law Review and a research assistant to Professor Neil Netanel. Rabbi Davidovits and his wife Sarah, who is an Occupational Therapist, are blessed with five children, Moshe, Akiva, Avigail, Yisrael Dovid, and Atara.

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