Mayor’s Security Girl

Eric Longabardi reports:

ERSNews has been investigating the alleged relationship of Mayor Villaraigosa and a female member of his LAPD security detail. The officer, who ERS/The Enterprise Report can reveal exclusively is 14-year LAPD veteran Anita Moreno, works on the Mayor’s protective security detail provided by the LAPD. Officer Moreno has previously worked for the LAPD’s Pacific Division and also for the training division of the LAPD over her long law enforcement career.

ERSNews has also confirmed that Officer Moreno has previously worked on the Mayor’s security detail dating as far back as late 2005. She is officially assigned to Chief Bratton’s office. According to the Chief’s office she is currently “on loan” to the Mayor’s office and ERSNews has confirmed she was working on the Mayor’s security detail as recent as today (7/20/07).

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