Rob ‘Mac’ Eshman Teaches The Game

Danielle Berrin, calendar girl and all-round actress, writes for the Jewish Journal’s new blog:

Last week at FNL, ATID Director Stacey Zackin announced, "Next month at Friday Night Live, the editor of The Jewish Journal will be here to discuss dating."


Not that we wouldn’t be elated to hear the adorable Rob Eshman disseminate dating advice, but folks — the man is married, to a Rabbi, and hasn’t had a date in 20 years. I then thought, maybe she forgot to say "religion editor" and meant Amy Klein, prolific writer and occasional singles columnist, will be divvying up dating tips for the greater good—a wise choice considering blogger Luke Ford has publicly admitted to fantasizing about her.

But then I got an email.

Stacey wrote that they were going to postpone the dating topic and have Rob in conversation with Rabbi Wolpe on "Why be Jewish?" Now that sounds like a topic "Robb-etzin" and Rabbi Wolpe could expound upon.

So if you’re curious about the role Challah should be playing in your life, don’t miss next month’s FNL on August [10] for your chance to slip in dating questions during the Q&A.

Danielle, you just think Rob hasn’t had a date in 20 years. Where do you think he gets all his scintillating ideas for cover stories, such as last week’s one on camp pranks? From going to shul and studying Torah with his wife? The man is a hero to many of us wanna-be PUAs.

As for Amy Klein, when I entered school in second grade, I liked to poke girls with sticks until they squealed. Thirty three years later, I haven’t changed except that now I do all my poking online (in accord with the Torah’s directives).

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