Racism As Cultural Differences

When people want to live among their own it’s often called racism, but I see it as simply cultural preferences such as living among people who value peace and quiet, nuclear families, dedication to religion and education and work. Different cultures tend to comport themselves differently. I converted to Judaism. I’ve seen both sides. Jews are generally noisier and more outwardly demonstrative and emotional than WASPs. In my experience, blacks and Jews generally tend to be louder than WASPs and Asians, etc. WASP and Asian kids tend to be much more restrained than Jewish and black kids. When Jews of different denominations get together, they usually find they hate each other as Orthodox Jews and Reform Jews, for instance, have almost nothing in common. So much more so the differences between in values and comportment between Jews and other ethnic and religious groups. For Reform Jews, praying with black Christians is often a big deal, while Orthodox Jews, who are more likely than Reform Jews to live among blacks, have no such desires.

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