Behind The Scenes of The Jewish Channel’s Expose Of Rabbi Michael J. Broyde

Read journalist Steven I. Weiss’s latest work here.

I did the following interview via FB:

LF: How often does TJC do this kind of investigative journalism?
Has TJC done anything like this before?

SIW: TJC pursues reporting of all kinds, tilting more in this direction or that, depending on a number of variables.
The Jewish Channel has made international headlines with its reporting on multiple occasions.

LF: Who’s in charge? Who directs this type of coverage?

SIW: I’m news anchor and managing editor. Rebecca Honig Friedman is senior producer.

LF: How did you get this story? Are you aware of other journalists who passed on it?

SIW: The same way I get any investigative story: a mix of tips, sources, and leads combined with, in this case, around two months of research, if I recall correctly. I don’t know of any other journalist who was aware that Broyde was using a fake identity, prior to our publication.

LF: But a variety of Jewish publications were aware of something fishy in this regard?

SIW: I don’t believe any other journalist had any idea, from what I’ve heard thus far.

LF: Thank you Steven. I look forward to seeing how this story develops.

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