Putting Michal Taviv In A Box

I’m collecting Danielle Berrin’s greatest hits.

Here’s her lead for a story on the administrator of JConnectLA: "Just try to put Michal Taviv in a box — she won’t fit."

Your honor, I object. Michal is not obese. There are plenty of boxes she’d fit in just fine (and with lots of room left over for the holy books that keep her busy).

Danielle writes in this week’s Jewish Journal cover story: "The night the man I am now seeing was ordained, he asked me whether I could see myself marrying a rabbi. I hesitated to answer. I didn’t think I could bear missing someone so much. I wondered whether a rabbi could ever love their spouse as much as they love their work — a tough choice when your business partner is God."

Danielle’s boyfriend leads the Friday Night service (twice a month) at Ikar.

She’ll make the hottest rebbitzen in town.

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