Temple Beth Am Needs A Leader

They let Rabbi Joel Rembaum retire.

They let assistant rabbi Perry Netter go.

Rabbi Netter resigned after he wasn’t given consideration for the top post.

Rabbi Netter had a loyal following at the shul.

Now he works at a hedge fund.

Susan Leider is the one rabbi on staff.

Here’s TBA’s rabbi search update.

I was talking to various prospective converts to Judaism over the past few months and all of them said the Orthodox shul in Los Angeles that was the most welcoming was Bnai-David Judea.

I believe Rabbi Steven Weil will stay at Beth Jacob through January when he takes over the Orthodox Union.

I heard a rabbi giving a lecture say: "Leave the handouts on a chair so that people who come in late… Let me rephrase that. People who come in at a different time."


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