Do You Want Turbulence?

On his radio show Mar. 28, Dennis Prager said: “I comport with the conservative love of non-turbulence. I am not bored by my society enjoying itself, by my society continuing with obvious fixes where things are broken, but I don’t want turbulence. In private life, every one of you knows a drama queen, people who thrive on emotional turbulence. The left thrives on social turbulence. It comports with every poll done — people on the left are less happy than people on the right. When you are not happy, you think the world around you is awry and you thrive on turbulence. This feeds the left-wing love of change and drama and radical transformation because what exists now doesn’t make them happy.”

“This notion that government should get out of the marriage business is tough for me to understand. So then nobody is married or everybody is married? What does that mean in terms of divorce and child custody and alimony? How is that determined? Children will be able to say my parents are married about any group? So polygamy is marriage? What happens to atheists? They don’t get to marry. If society does not decide marriage, then there is no such thing as marriage because everyone makes up his own definition. Why is that libertarian as opposed to anarchic? For libertarians who believe in that, do you have any antecedents in terms of the founders?”

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