Political Ideas Come From The North-East Corridor

On his show Mar. 8, 2013, Dennis Prager said: “The Republican leadership lives in as much as a hermetically sealed bubble as the Democratic leadership. This is a catastrophe for the country. We have two parties — the damaging and the stupid, and I am a member of the stupid party. Why Republican candidates who don’t tap into those of us in talk radio who make the arguments for a living or we have to get another job is one of the great riddles that would stump the sphinx of Egypt.

“New York and Washington are bubbles. We are there to provide money and votes. Ideas come from New York and Washington. That’s why they are so lousy… The Republican leadership astonishes me.”

“I know Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney knows me. I was at a fundraiser for him at a private home two months before the election. Someone even said, ‘Dennis Prager is here. Why don’t you have him write some speeches?’ And Mitt smiled and made some sweet comment about me but he might as well have suggested that he learn Sanskrit before the election. It was a non-ideological battle. I wrote about that. I couldn’t be too severe because I wanted him to win. Jobs, jobs, jobs. It’s all about jobs. That’s what the brilliant advisers to Mitt Romney decided, that you’re Mr. Fix It, and you can fix the economy better than Barack Obama. Remember how I said that Barack Obama is not the issue, [it is leftism]. The issue is ideas. Left-wing ideas ruin a country. Let’s say that. At least you’ll have clarity. Most Americans don’t understand that it is leftism vs Americanism.”

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