Artscroll author and convicted felon Rabbi Leib Pinter pleads guilty to theft faces up to 20 years of prison

From JWB:

Artscroll author and convicton felon Rabbi Leib Pinter
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pleads guilty to criminal charges yet again and faces going back to jail yet again … this time for up to 20 years.

Rabbi Pinter plead guilty on Thursday to conspiring to commit fraud in a $44 million theft of payoff proceeds for refinanced mortgage loans funded by Fannie Mae. Rabbi Pinter admitted pocketing the payoff proceeds for 257 mortgages his company serviced. Rabbi Pinter faces a maximum sentence of up to 20 years on the charge, but the sentencing guidelines as part of the plea agreement call for a prison term of 10 years and one month or less. The sentencing was scheduled for December 19.

This is of course the Rabbi who helped spearhead the campaign to smear the zoo rabbi.

A. Past guilt:
1) Multiple articles at:
2) Salami and Cheese Put In a ‘Kosher’ Sandwich
New York Times
February 20, 1978

Salami and Cheese Put In a ‘Kosher’ Sandwhich
When Representative Elizabeth Hotlzman first started investigating complaints about the B’nai Torah Institute’s operation of a summer feeding program, a Queens woman telephoned the Congresswoman’s assistant, Elizabeth Lang, to describe the "Kosher" food she was receiving from the Queens Assistance Program, a B’nai Torah affiliate.

The woman said she specifically requested kosher food, but salami and cheese sandwiches were delivered to her site – a clear violation of Jewish laws that forbid the consumption of meat with dairy products.

"She told me she called the program and they put the ‘Rabbi’ on," Miss Lang recalled. "The Rabbi said, ‘if it’s kosher salami and kosher cheese, it’s a kosher sandwich.’"

Rabbi Pleads Guilty To Bribing of Flood
Washington Post
May 12, 1978
Charles R. Babcock, Washington Post Staff Writer

A Brooklyn rabbi pleaded guilty yesterday to paying more than $5,000 in bribes to Rep. Daniel J. Flood (D-Pa.) for the congressman’s help in obtaining federal contracts for his Jewish poverty agency.

Rabbi Leib Pinter, 34, head of B’Nai Torah Institute in New York, told a federal judge in Manhattan that he paid Flood about $1,000 at least five times between late 1974 and early 1976.

B. Present Guilt:

4) The indictment

5) The guilty plea

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