How Many Million Dollars Did It Cost Steve Mazlin To Get His Son David Off Underage Sex Charges?

Last year, David Mazlin was busted for soliciting underage sex.

But a search of the Megan’s Law website reveals David Mazlin is not a convicted sex offender.

David’s dad Steve has millions from pharmaceuticals. I wonder how many millions he spent to get his son off? Who, if anyone aside from lawyers, got a big fat payday?

Jim emails: "You sound like a broken record with this. You don’t know the background of the story other than what anonymous sources have told you (Mazlin was a jock and he was arrogant! Shameful!) or what you have lazily culled from previously published stories–which really provided no followup on the specifics of Mazlin’s case–and you provide no evidence that the Mazlin family "bought" off any of these charges. You are aware that, in this country, one can be arrested and yet not be guilty, right? You are also aware that a person has the right to retain an attorney and that this usually costs a fair amount of money. Enough with the sleazy smear tactics, man. Either provide some evidence or shut up, bitch. As a "journalist," you suck."

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