Vegetarianism Is Now The Cutting Edge Of Fashion

David Deutsch emails:

Luke Ford is certainly no stranger to virtually prescient, uber-trendy fashionableness. After all, Luke was a dreamy Aussie expat with a heretical father and a complicated relationship to California’s Jewish community long before Mel Gibson made it cool. He was certainly blogging long before the average American idiot (and I include here Heeb Magazine’s entertainment writer, Jewdar) discovered that pawing at your keyboard and ranting about whatever minor issue irked you that makes you part of something called “the New Media.” And he started wearing a beard long before some big Hollywood hotshot decides to, or Jesus shows up, or whatever. So it should be no great shock to learn that Luke is on the blood stained cutting edge of what may be the next big trend in the Jewish world—vegetarianism.

To be sure, it will take a lot to get America’s engorged Ashkenazi mega-meat eaters to push themselves away from the pots of the red stuff, but considering the degree to which America’s leading kosher meat producers are revealing themselves to be the sort of Jews that make you think maybe Julius Streicher couldn’t have been wrong all the time, that day of reckoning may be coming. Not only is there the ongoing nightmare that is Agriprocessors, but this week’s Forward offered a not terribly pleasant portrait of some other Kosher mega meat marketers.

While shills like Young Israel’s Pesach Lerner might keep spreading the good word about Agriprocessors as long as there’s steak on the table, one can’t help but imagine that some people may come to the conclusion that there’s more to Luke Ford than glossy hair and vegemite. Certainly, considering the indictments that just came down, Luke can rest assured that the Rubashkin family wishes they’d paid more attention when Luke decried the evils of illegal immigration (you know, other than the kind that provides him with cheap labor to whisk away his dishes, park his serial killer van, and help him put the “man” in “manicure.”)

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