Lawsuit Alleges KRLA Serves Republican Party, Not Public


GLENDALE — A Los Angeles man has filed a lawsuit against a conservative talk radio station — which broadcasts from the city — claiming the station and its media company misrepresented their federal license agreement by serving the interest of the Republican Party rather than the public.

David Birke and his attorney Johnny Birke filed a complaint Aug. 27 against seven talk show hosts of KRLA-AM (870), Salem Communications Corporation and its owner Edward Atsinger III, alleging that they use the public airwaves to push Republican beliefs. David and Johnny Birke would not say whether they were related, citing attorney-client privilege.

KRLA’s broadcast studio is at 701 N. Brand Blvd. in Glendale.

David Birke contends the radio station, its show hosts and the company have defrauded the public by using their radio license to discuss only Republican issues, Johnny Birke said Monday.

David Birke also alleges that they misrepresented their promise to the Federal Communication Commission to serve the “public interest, convenience and necessity.”

The station and its media company serve only “that particular political segment of the public,” Johnny Birke said.

“This a legal attack about the facts and law about what these defendants did and what they are doing on the airwaves,” he said.

Radio hosts Laura Ingraham, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Miller, Mike Gallagher and Kevin James are named as defendants in the suit.

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