Feminists Vs Sarah Palin

Joe emails:

Conservatism is all about status not contract. It is much like Orthodox Judaism. In Orthodoxy, males take the leadership roles as that is, on a purely majority basis, their highest and best use. Women take the home rearing role, it, on the basis of the majority, is their highest and best use. Out of 10 women who are conservative politically, as opposed to 10 women who are liberal, more of the conservatives will accept their status as homemakers.

Liberalism is all about contract. If a women is gutsy and can make $500k a year as a lawyer, she can hire a nanny to raise the kid. There is no confinement to "old" status roles when a woman can contract out of her status. That is liberalism’s proudest feature, the ability to ridicule conservative ideas that are so obviously antiquated. And liberalism may be right – i mean, really, there are some women out there who could be more learned than most male rabbis, why not liberate them to teach communities torah and have someone else do the carpool. Of course, finding the exception to the majority rule is a bit of a pain, but adherence to the majority rule seems too simple minded in modern times.

Now comes Palin – she has five kids, one with downs syndrome – she is a governor, a mom, a reformer, and she has killer legs and a truly magnificent rack. She destroys any status based traditions of a woman’s role. On this basis alone, Gloria Steinem should be at McCain HQ asking if she can lick envelopes and clean toilets and do anything else to help get Palin elected. But she can’t – feminism is now a patronizing philosophy of what is best for women all around – according to steinem, it is better for women to be pro choice, it is better for women not to hang out in church, it is better for women to be against the war in Iraq, (insert liberal policy plank here). Those issues have nothing to do with feminism, but that is feminism today.

So, feminists will not be for Palin. However, it is incumbent on them to defend any attack on Palin being unable to do her job because she is a mom or a woman. But feminists cannot because they have become corrupt political animals – however, at base, any intimation that she is unfit due to her genitalia must force feminists on their hind legs.  This intellectual problem will paralyze the feminists and the Left for about 3-5 years and leave Palin an easy road to the Vice Presidency.

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