Failed Messiah Reverses His Circumsicion

On his Failed Messiah blog, Shmarya comments: I had my circumcision surgically reversed not too long ago, but the jury is still out about whether it makes any real difference sexually for me or for my girlfriends.

I’m noticing a lot more sensitivity, and if that holds or increases, then on that count alone I would probably not circumcise my sons until they were old enough to choose for themselves – 18-years-old, perhaps. The girls seem to like it, too, but there’s a type of placebo effect with things like this, so we’ll have to wait and see.

The Ugandan girl I’ve been seeing lately, however, keeps showing me pro-circumcision propaganda from the Ugandan Ministry of Health, and is now worried that she’s going to “catch something.” Placebo effect in the reverse.

So for now, the jury is still out.

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