The CIA In Libya

Joe emails: Luke, it is time to get off your bogus sex addition, woe is me 12 step kick and start doing some g-dam investigative journalism like in the old days. This Benghazi story is the biggest foul up since the Aldrich Ames fiasco, which ended the career of James Woolsey and should have ended Petreaus’s career faster than Broadwell dropped off her sleeveless top.

Follow me for a minute:

The CIA had an “annex” – more like a string of villas – about a mile from the embassy. It is pretty clear they were not having falafel and smoking off a hooka pipe there.

It was essentially a torture chamber for high value targets with ties to Al Qaeda. No one knew about it, not even the State Department.

So when the embassy got attacked (no doubt in retaliation for roughing up some Libyans) and some low level CIA guys said, hey, should we go down the block and help out, the order was “THE HELL NO” – if that annex got roped in to the fire fight and got taken over, there would have been enough yogurt on everyone’s face to go around a few hundred times.

Now, a few boy scouts went over the embassy in any event, they died, but in the meantime they led the muslims to the CIA annex and it was pretty much destroyed and a few days later did not exist.

Now you have a small terrorist attack on a low value embassy turning into a national security fiasco because Petraeus was too busy kanoodling with that author (and who can blame him) and not thinking that maybe torturing libyans might just lead to some blowback against more well known american targets in the area.

Please put this out there and put it together. The mainstream media will not and the people at fox news are dumber than live worms.

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