David Petreaus Threw Away Everything For A Hot Chick

More than 80% of guys would throw away everything for sex with a hot chick like Paula Broadwell.

The woman David Petreaus threw away everything for is toned, vivacious, and intellectually stimulating. His wife of 38 years is obese and takes little care with her appearance.

I’m not saying his wife deserved to get cheated on and I am not making excuses for cheating. It’s against the Torah (God’s will). I’m explaining that when a woman takes no case with her appearance and a man takes no care with his responsibilities, that they are each increasing the odds their spouse will be dissatisfied and look outside the marriage for love.

Almost every general, every CIA leader, has something on the side, not just David Petreaus. That doesn’t make it right. It just makes it the way it is.

David Petreaus started mentoring Paula Broadwell circa 2006. What if he had taken a traditional Jewish approach and refused to mentor someone of the opposite sex? How loudly he would’ve been condemned. He would’ve been drummed out of public life. But when you mentor someone of the opposite sex, you’re playing with fire. I will never have an attractive secretary. Only battleaxes for me.

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